About Us

My friends used to joke with me that a house isn't clean until it is "Candace" clean. I guess that was a hint into what was to become.

Yes, I am one of those weird people that have a passion for cleaning. In fact, at the age of nine, I was known around our community in Alaska, as a hard worker that cleans the neighborhood houses, for free! For me, cleaning was equal to how kids felt about eating ice cream. I enjoyed the process and the end result, but most of all, I loved making people happy.

We created Conscious Karma Cleaning and Services to provide a higher level of service and attention to detail within the residential and small commercial cleaning industry. We make it our mission to make you happy and provide a level of service we would expect in our home or business while adding extra touches of CKC (Conscious Karma Care), that show we value you and your business!

The best place to start in explaining who Conscious Karma Cleaning and Services is, is to start with the name:

Conscious = Aware of a person's self, environment and mental activity to determine choices of action

Karma = The law of action and reaction, or cause and effect. In essence, your actions result in reactions

In essence, we truly believe in treating others the way we would want to be treated. Or in the case of cleaning houses and offering other services, we treat our clients homes, pets, and belongings the way we would want ours treated and on top of that, we add an extra touch of care.

The logo deserves a little bit of explanation as well:

Tree – Tree of Life - Regeneration and harmony with other living beings

Lotus Flower - This flower grows in mud and represents beauty manifesting out of chaos

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly products that are healthier for you, your family and your pets that smell and work just as good or better than traditional products. Time and time again we get comments from our clients saying how much they love the smell of their house after we clean and how amazed they are at the stubborn stain we removed from the floor, sink or bathtub, for example.

With our attention to detail and by using safer and healthier cleaning products in your home, our goal is to bring harmony and regeneration to your house, removing dirt, dust, grime, etc. thereby unveiling and improving the beauty that was always there.

It isn't clean until it is "Conscious Karma" clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!