This service is top quality every time. I always look forward to their visit. I could never keep my house this clean. I love to have guests come over and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up the house first….because its always clean. It was a great idea to start this service. I’m on a budget so I can only afford a couple hours a month, but it makes a huge difference for me. And my dogs love it when the team is here. I highly recommend!

Jackie S.

We’ve been working with CKCS for a few months now and have had a wonderful experience. The staff are very attentive and professional. They do a fantastic job and my house always feels clean (and not in a toxic chemical kind of way!). One thing that really makes them stand out for me is the way they are so loving and kind to my dogs while they are working.

Alison Grace B.

Candace and Glen are professional, trustworthy, and personable. This is clear in the service that they and their employees provide. Our 2 bedroom apartment was so clean! Her system lends special attention to detail. Candace is quick to respond to individual needs. We received much more than we expected from a cleaning service. Definitely top notch service!

Brett L.

I just had my first deep cleaning from Conscious Karma Cleaning Service and I have to say “WOW!” I had basically given up on finding a decent company to clean my home and was trying to do it all by myself. With a full time job and many commitments on the weekends, I was either cleaning at midnight or not cleaning at all. Candace made no judgments about the state of my home when she came in person, to give me an estimate. All she emphasized was how she could make my house clean and my life easier! She lived up to her promise and more. I didn’t find a “decent” cleaning serving in CKCS, but rather an outstanding professional home cleaning service that left my filthy home immaculate. Plus there are personal touches like washing my dogs’ food and water bowls, leaving lavender sachets in key spots in the house and candy in the kitchen. The team that cleaned my home was friendly and ready to work which was awesome. They asked some very good questions and did not hesitate to “dig in”! I cannot wait for my next regular cleaning. Having a clean home, makes me, my husband and our two dogs very happy! Thank you CKCS!

Colleen M.

Hi Candace, Wow! A big thank you for the work done today. What a pleasure it was to walk in and see my home soooo clean. It smelled really good as well. The gals did a great job, particularly with the floor. Thank you very much for the anniversary gift. I treated myself to a lavender and white chocolate parfait. Scrumptious! Time has flown by, and I am as pleased, if not more pleased, with the work you all do! Thanks again!

Nan K.

I have tried most of the cleaning companies in Denver. Sometimes, the cleaning is OK, but the front office has had issues. Or the front office is super nice, but the cleaning has been mediocre. CKCS is the best of both worlds. Candace came over and walked the house with me before giving me the estimate. She really made me feel comfortable right away. Scheduling was a breeze. We just had our deep clean yesterday, and I am so impressed! The house is really clean. If you have kids like I do, there is usually something stuck somewhere on a counter or table or chair. These ladies (all so nice) don’t just wipe over the mess, they attack it until it’s clean! The house is immaculate and smells great. It’s such a relief to have found a company where the owners and the staff are motivated and really mean to do the best job they can. I highly recommend CKCS!

Grace W.

Conscious Karma was fantastic. It was the most in depth cleaning a company has done for me, and I really appreciated the company’s flexibility when it came to special requests. The cleaning team was extremely friendly, thorough, and efficient. The company goes above and beyond by really getting to know the client and doing special little things (e.g., thank you cards, personalizing services, etc.) that make a big difference. You can tell that the owner’s really care, Candy knows her stuff, and is very motivated to have happy customers and a stand-out business.

Kristin O.

I highly recommend Conscious Karma Cleaning and Services. The attention to detail is fantastic and Candace always responds to any questions or concerns I have. Knowing my house is being taken care of is worth every penny!

Valerie R.

The Conscious Karma Cleaning crew is fabulous. I am going through a transitional time in my life and I find that a clean home helps me stay focused and relaxed. The team is efficient and very detailed-oriented. I am glad that I brought them into my life!

Laurie D.

This service is top quality every time. I always look forward to their visit. I could never keep my house this clean. I love to have guests come over and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up the house first….because its always clean. It was a great idea to start this service. I’m on a budget so I can only afford a couple hours a month, but it makes a huge difference for me. And my dogs love it when the team is here. I highly recommend

Jackie S.

Always great to come home to a clean house. Thanks for all the work every other week!

Karen C.

Thanks Candace & Glen, I’m glad to hear that things worked with Mary! Tuesday has quickly become my favorite day of the week. Everyone you have sent here has been so nice and a pleasure to meet. I met Lisa today, and yet again the house was awesome. I so appreciate you and all the girls. Thank you!

Penni L.

Candace & Glen, The house looks and smells amazing! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for you, Jade, Brenda and Angela. There are just no words. The note you left along with the lavender sachets were so sweet. The ladies even washed my dishes! You have gone truly above and beyond, and it was so nice to be able to leave the dogs uncrated knowing that they would be in good hands and then put back in their crates when the ladies were done. I could not have asked for more, or been more pleased. I feel like I can breathe again!!! I am looking forward to working with you for a very long time to come. Blessings.

J. Hart

Meticulous, caring, thoughtful and lovely people! Wonderful to deal with, and great with our animals! Smelled lovely and was incredibly clean.Would and will refer anyone if any friends indicate interest and or need.

J. Hart

My home was clean in places I didn’t know were dirty until I saw how clean they can be.I didn’t really talk to the staff, but they sure work hard. Having a clean home is important to me and I prioritize having a budget that will cover the costs of what I need CKCS to do for me. Love it!

N. Kortz

I’m so impressed with CKCS from the moment Candace came to do the estimate to the team that came and cleaned. Candace was so welcoming and thorough she explained everything they could and would do, and some tips to help out. I really felt appreciated as a client even before we started the service. The team that came to do the cleaning was awesome, all three were so friendly and showed care and concern about items in the house. They did an incredible job cleaning, my baseboards, appliances, under the appliances, the whole house has never been so clean, and thats not easy with three big dogs and two humans in a very small house. I would highly recommend CKCS to anyone. Thank you!

Penni L.

Candace,Glen and Conscious Karma crew very quickly made efforts to understand my needs for a cleaning service while I am out of town. It has been a huge relief to know my home is being cared for. Thanks CKCS!!

David G.

We’ve had the team from CKCS coming for a few months now, and we’ve never had a cleaning group before. They are fantastic! They are attentive to areas we care about and also very detailed– I have never seen my toaster so sparkly! We have 2 kids under 3, so needless to say, our house gets pretty messy, and the team does a really nice job even cleaning the nasty high chairs. I’ve also really appreciated their flexibility with scheduling and that rather than dealing with a large impersonal company, Candace calls personally, and even works right along side the other folks. Lastly, I feel that they are really trustworthy. This is a great group of people, and I highly recommend them.


I had a first time, deep cleaning in December 2012 and then started a biweekly cleaning service. They do an excellent job with their team on the cleanings and will bend over backwards to meet your expectations. Very personal and friendly company.

Christy S.

Hi Candace & Glen, We just wanted to say that we really love the crew who came to our house the last couple times. They do an awesome job, they are really quiet (which helps Jason since he is still working during the times the crew comes out), they put things back where we like them to go and they are super nice to our furbies. Plus, I love how our house smells clean and not like cancer-causing chemicals. Also, I like that you always call me without fail the day before we are scheduled for our cleaning and I can talk to you, ask questions and change things to our cleaning schedule if needed. We are happy clients here. Thanks for all of your hard work getting us to “highly satisfied.

Best, Erin and Jason

I was blown away by the crew who showed up this morning to conduct a Fall Cleaning. Candace knew how particular and fastidious I am. She and her crew were up to my scrutiny — very thorough, concientious, hard-working and dedicated to making my experience five stars. I love my home even more; it is a pleasure to recommend Concious Karma cleaning services.

Barb G.

This cleaning company is light years above other services my wife and I have used. The first time that Candace came out to inspect our house and give us a quote, she blew my wife away with her attention to detail, and ever since they’ve done a fantastic job with our house. We recently moved to Denver, and they are the 3rd company that we tried and they do such a incredible job with the little extra things that they do (like living mints and candies after they leave), that I know we’ll be using them forever. Trust me, try them once, and you’ll keep using them.

J. Roman

I have been utilizing the cleaning services of Conscious Karma Cleaning and Services for almost 6 months now and could not be more pleased. Candace and Glen hire competent, thorough, and professional team members. I have, and will continue to recommend their services.

D. Bruzas

Candace and your cleaning team, I can not begin to express my gratitude for such a beautiful clean home yesterday after surgery. It was like waking into a brand new home…… I think I actually saw sparkles shine here and there. Today was the first time I went upstairs and was just as impressed with the high quality clean and attention to detail your team gave to my home. The special touches really were above anything I could have expected, again I thought I was in a hotel. Again, thank you so much for the beautiful job you did, and please thank your team I would have loved to thank them all myself.

M. Fiourcci

I am a totally satisfied customer. I knew I was in good hands the minute I met Candace. She and Glen are friendly, professional and take great pride in providing a quality service. I recommend Conscious Karma Cleaning without reservation.

J. Timmer

I am a totally satisfied customer. I knew I was in good hands the minute I met Candace. She and Glen are friendly, professional and take great pride in providing a quality service. I recommend Conscious Karma Cleaning without reservation.

J. Timmer

Candace and Wonderful Crew, I just wanted to let you know it was so lovely to walk into our clean home this afternoon. You did an amazing job, from the shower to the windows. It all looks phenomenal, I can’t wait for my husband to get home and see how nice the house looks. I can’t say thank you enough. You thought of everything. Hadley loved her little chocolate kiss and the lavender was very thoughtful. You really go the extra mile to make us feel special. Thanks again!

C. Schledwitz

Smelled like I came home to a spa! It was awesome!

M. Marler

I got more than a cleaning service when I hired Conscious Karma. I feel LOVED every time. I feel supported. It’s clear that they do more than just clean your house. I feel that they are there to support and nurture my life in any way they can with their continually expanding services and their can-do attitude about everything. When they leave, my house sparkles from the inside out.

T. Kieves

Candace and her team are the best! Very thorough with lots of concern around ‘getting it right’, and a very personal touch!

A. Van Ausdall

It is amazing!I don’t think the house has ever been this clean. Ever. I appreciate all the time you spent here- and that you are honoring your commitment on price. I really had no idea you were so thorough and it would take that much time for my little house. We can talk more about what we can maybe alter monthly so that it doesn’t take that long next time? I mean the house is incredible! It looks bright and cheery and the Buddha looks great all spruced up! Jet says thanks for the treats! and I say thanks for the treats too! They were delicious and I love the lavender sachet- I put it in my “privates” box. You really are very thoughtful in your approach. Anyway I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to open the front door and see how bright the house looked. I mean really- the house just looks brighter overall! Everything sparkling and smelling nice. I have told Jet and Fluffy to stop shedding so it can stay nice longer LOL.I am inspired to keep everything a bit tidier.:-) Have a wonderful rest of your day!!! I enjoyed meeting your guy


Incredibly personal and heartfelt personalities with meticulous cleaning services. LOVE THEM!

Revive Bodywork

CKCS is a great cleaning service. I’d said I would never use another service, I’m glad I tried one more time. Not your usual vac and go. The house actually sparkles and smells nice after they clean. Something else I’ve never had with any other cleaning service is communication. I’m a happy customer!

K. Mowat

They did an awesome job start to finish! I can’t wait for our next cleaning to have them back again!

E. Rist

I cannot more highly recommend Candace, and the conscientious and mindful staff of Conscious Karma Cleaning. In the last 21 years living in Denver I have employed five different cleaning services/individuals, and I didn’t know what really great cleaning was until I chose Conscious Karma. They are timely, hard-working, efficient, courteous, respectful and truly concerned about my home and the way it feels to me when they leave. The price of the work is more than fair, and I often find that they have gone the extra mile and taken care of something I might have forgotten to ask for. I told my wife that I am never more happy to come home than when Conscious Karma Cleaning has been there. You should give them a try, you will know after the first cleaning how good they are, and I can tell you after several cleanings they are just as good as they were the first time when they were trying to earn my business. It means they earn my business every single time the come.

K. Terry

I always look forward to the day that Conscious Karma Cleaning visits my home! That is exactly what it feels like, a visit. They take care of my house & love my dogs as if they were theirs. I can’t begin to express the stress relief they bring to my life! The Conscious Karma Cleaning “Fairies” are the best!

T. Erwin

They’ve been so easy to work with, very accommodating to my schedule AND pocketbook. My entire house always looks amazing when I get home right down to the last detail. So much so that the first time they cleaned I walked in to my shower door and banged my head not realizing it was there because it was SO clean. They always give 110% (the extra 10% is the treats they leave for my dogs!!

D. Bennett Bruce

Conscious Karma recently did a deep cleaning for me and I was thrilled with their work! They were thorough, efficient, and paid attention to detail and the house now looks and smells great. It’s also more organized and easier to maintain and I would highly recommend them to my friends.

T. Sammakia

We love working with Conscious Karma cleaning! They are always extremely friendly and very easy to work with. They accommodate our changing schedules and leave our house looking awesome! I would recommend Conscious Karma cleaning to anyone and I think our dog would say the same:)

M. Hackett

My new home was to be ‘professionally’ cleaned prior to moving in. Upon inspection, I was thoroughly disappointed with every aspect of the service. That is when Candace and her team at Conscious Karma Cleaning came to the rescue! Truly a professional cleaning. The house was immaculate with attention paid to the smallest details. The eco-friendly products not only worked wonderfully, but made the entire house smell fabulous. The service far exceeded my expectations, definitely high quality.

B. Umsted

Conscious Karma is awesome! The attention to detail is phenomenal! Coming home after having the house cleaned this thoroughly is definitely a treat. No one would be sorry they hired this company due to their attention to detail.

M. Crace

Conscious Karma Cleaning will leave your home feeling like your private sanctuary, full of serene, uplifting touches that speak to your senses! This level of personalized cleaning is hard to find.

J. Murray

I was getting ready for a week long visit from family and needed to hire a service for a really good, thorough cleaning of my home. I had received a flier from Conscious Karma Cleaning and gave them a call. Amazing!!! I was so thrilled with their work! Seriously, the products were eco-friendly and my home was left smelling of lavender and you could just feel the good vibes!! The service was impeccable; the team that came out to clean were very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend their services. Extremely thorough service and professional staff!

S. Meyer

In this day and age; it is rare you find “any” company that truly cares. Conscious Karma Cleaning and Services is definitely one that cares and goes above and beyond without the hefty price tag.

-They truly care about the smallest details, making it easy for the consumer to come home and not be upset about a job not done well

-Conscious Karma focuses only on “that” client when at their home.

-After years of having companies clean my house

Conscious Karma Cleaning truly knows what makes people happy and goes the extra mile with special little touches. I can’t tell you what those touches are or I would spoil the surprise! They even walked my dog for me as I was running late coming home from work.

You would not be unhappy, stressed out or looking for another company; once you try Conscious Karma Cleaning. Conscious Karma is eco friendly and people and pet friendly. You can’t go wrong and won’t shop anywhere else for your cleaning needs.

P. Perkins

As someone that has not experienced a cleaning service prior to hiring Conscious Karma Cleaning and Services, all I can say is Candace and Glen have provided very friendly and professional service! In addition to adjusting cleaning where necessary, based on our feedback, we are very pleased with their eco-friendly cleaning products and the surprises left after each cleaning! I definitely recommend using Conscious Karma Cleaning!

J.& B. Winter

Conscious Karma got my bathtub and microwave sparkling clean during their first visit. My old cleaning person still hadn’t been able, for some unknown reason, to get the tub and microwave clean after THREE visits. CK is awesome! CK not only leaves my home sparkling clean, the positive energy that Candace and Glen have is left behind as well. I walk in and feel so good about my home! Many Thanks

T. Litz

Conscious Karma Cleaning and Services did an exceptional job cleaning our home. Everything sparkled and smelled great when I got home. They are very professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a thorough, well cleaned home. They just don’t do a basic clean. They are a step above the other cleaning companies. Other cleaning companies charge extra for certain features in their services, those special items are a standard practice for Conscious Karma Cleaning. They have respect for their client’s home just as they respect their own home. I felt my hom e was in great hands while I was away. I never worried that something would be broken or stolen. Conscious Karma made us feel trusting of them the moment we met them. Thank you Conscious Karma!!! We look forward to using your services in the future!

T. Nichols

CKCS is an exceptional cleaning service! Candace and her staff could not be more friendly, and you will truly feel they WANT to make you happy by giving you a wonderfully clean home. They met all of our expectations, and more – going above and beyond cleaning our high ceiling loft during their initial deep clean. Thank you!

J. Mangelsdorf

Conscious Karma Cleaning has been taking care of my home for some time now. I have bi-weekly service on the whole house, including a rental in the basement. Candice has been very helpful with my clean times and scheduling.She and her staff pay close attention to detail.It is very reassuring to have a cleaning company that is reliable and friendly, that you can trust. Coming home is always so refreshing!

Kara H.